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wow i haven't used this in legit seven months. i still want to interact with you all! come find me on twitter!


first off a huge thank you for writing for me! i cannot wait to read whatever you come up with.

-general likes: domesticity, accidental dating, best friends, gen (MY KINGDOM FOR GENFIC), awkward sex that is less awkward than it should be because the people having it are super into each other, attention to canon detail, wackjob AUs (give me tropes galore and i will be a happy camper), realistic relationship talk. i would in general prefer something with an uplifting ending- it doesn't need to be fluff and rainbows and in fact i do enjoy some good angst! but just give me a glimmer of hope at the end.

-general dislikes: the one AU i do not go for is high school AU. i also do not read mpreg. please avoid gay-bashing, woman-bashing, deathfic, extreme age difference, self-harm, abuse, noncon, dubcon.

if you want more in-depth info on my likes/dislikes, please feel free to bother nahco3 or luxover :)

nfl rpf
andrew luck, rgiii, the mannings

i'm just gonna come out and say it- my kingdom for some good manningcest. give me brother dynamic, give me eli antiquing, give me unrequited incest or requited, but give me manningcest. i love the dynamic of eli never being enough for their father and having an inferiority complex about it. in particular on this one go pester nahco3.

i do understand if you don't want to write incest! it is a squick, i get it, no pressure.

for andrew luck/rgiii i would REALLY LOVE an au of them where they ended up at the same college. i would also take pretty much any AU of them- what if rgiii's knee didn't heal up right and he couldn't play? what if andrew luck secretly was prelaw and gave up an NFL career to be a lawyer and they somehow end up together? what if neither of them play football at all? i will take anything. i know this is a kind of odd pairing but i am obsessed. in general feel free to include andrew luck being a HUGE NERD.

women's hockey rpf
noora raty, amanda kessel, taylor crosby

i am obsessed with amanda kessel. she is by far the better kessel. really i will take anything with any of these BADASS LADIES but if you decide to write tcros or amanda i would particularly love some exploration of how their relationships to their brothers affect their relationships to hockey. feel free to write them at u of m, feel free to make an AU, i will literally take anything.

classical music rpf
franz liszt, frederic chopin

full disclosure i am a classical musician and i spent all of music history in conservatory doodling FRANZ <3'S FRED in my notes. i will take crackfic, i will take a modern au, a historically accurate anything- i ship it hard. in particular i like the idea of them using pieces as love letters, but i would also love some au where neither are musically inclined! all i really ask is to avoid adultery/i am fine with unrequited love so long as their respective partners are handled with care.

friday night lights
billy riggins, matt saracen, tyra collette, tami taylor

i have a lot of feels about FNL. first off- do not feel pressure to smush all of these characters into one fic! conversely, feel free to pull in whatever other FNL character you so desire. i have a lot of love in my heart for all of them.

i love the tami and tyra dynamic - strictly gen - and how tami makes sure tyra knows she can be someone. i would love something from either perspective, whether it's tyra coming to terms with the fact that she CAN be someone and now she has to, or if it's tami maybe seeing part of herself in tyra and getting invested, i am good with anything. i also am a diehard tami/eric shipper so feel free to throw in some taylor home life/tyra coming to family dinners, etc!

billy riggins is another one of my favorites and i would particularly adore something about him during the time when tim was in jail- how he deals with the guilt, how he commits himself to his family because of it, etc. i would also be totally okay with something pre-show, of him trying to raise tim and get past the glory days of being a panther.

as for matt, i would take anything- an AU, matt in chicago before or after julie finds him, matt taking care of his grandma, matt making the decision to go to chicago in the first place. i just want the inner monologue of matt saracen and how he deals with the pressure on him from all sides. </cut>
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