hotter than wasabi (distira) wrote,
hotter than wasabi

i wrote hockey fic, what.

so i think it's time to fully admit that i'm in this fandom. lux wrote this amazing fic (sid/geno) and in her universe, one of the characters is a classical pianist so OF COURSE i had to run with that.

title like flying
rating pg
pairings gen, semyon varlamov-centric
word count 7,809
summary "I only have skates, though," Semyon says, and his stomach sinks abruptly. "I don't have pads or anything, even a stick-" and he feels, ridiculously, like he might choke up at the thought of not being able to play hockey because of something stupid like not having pads.

"Sid will find some for you," Sasha says dismissively. "He's crazy, but he's also some big-shot lawyer and has a billion dollars and loves nothing but hockey so don't worry."

OR: Varly, classical pianist. inspired by pond ice and the in between

like flying</blockquote
Tags: fic
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